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“Microcapitalism” : towards a new social pact. GenerationLibre Collection / PUF

04 / 10 / 2017

This essay is the first of a new GenerationLibre collection launched in partnership with Presses Universitaires de France (PUF), aiming to spread a renewed liberal way of thinking by showcasing the best academic research on modern issues.

Sharing Economy or collaborative economy? New trends seems to indicate that we are entering a society in which usage trumps possession, via internet.

Capitalism for all

Taking a closer look, this new economy is actually more faithful than ever to a principle that has survived through the ages: the market economy. The emergence of a “microcapitalism” allows everyone to grow their own capital.

“This new paradigm is analyzed with finesse and lucidity by François-Xavier Oliveau in this “Little Red Book of the microcapitalist revolution”” (Le Monde).

This microcapitalist revolution is upsetting our traditional ways of producing, consuming and working. In this context, adjusting and re-adjusting marginally our social system is useless. “You don’t repair a creaky building, you tear it down and rebuild it”, writes the author.

Building a new social pact

A new “social pact” is needed. This is the challenge that the author tackles by laying the foundations of a new model articulated around two structuring principles: as much freedom and solidarity as possible.

All public policies can therefore be reshaped: universal income, free wage-setting process, simplification of taxation, school voucher, a market-based pension system, etc.

“Stimulating, truly”, concludes the newspaper Le Monde.


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