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An introduction to a “sustainable liberalism”

10 / 02 / 2021

In the third book of our collection with Presses Universitaires de France, Claude Gamel merges Hayek’s and Rawls’ theses to give us the three axes of a modern regulation.


Liberalism is a little-known, and often distorted, philosophy in France. It can however embrace its full meaning when integrating its political and economic dimensions. A socially sustainable liberalism becomes possible with the maximum scattering of power as a guiding principle.

If Hayek’s “spontaneous order” provides an essential backdrop while Rawls’ “Theory of justice”, once reworked, provides three priority axes of a modern regulation: chosen work, enriched capacities and a universal basic income.

“Hayek found regrettable the lack of a “liberal utopia”. Claude Gamel provides us with one, with packaging and instructions ready for use. It is now up to the readers to take it and make it a reality.” Gaspard Koenig

With a French angle at the heart of its reflections on liberalism, Claude Gamel applies them to contemporary issues and thus makes it possible to renew the public policy debate.

His book is a worthy action programme. Among other things, Gamel defines the terms of a single employment contract, the need for a better sharing of corporate profits and the progressive implementation of a universal basic income.

He also outlines new ideas for public policies to overcome the digital and environmental challenges of our time at a global level, for example via a private property right on personal data and a global market of carbon emission quotas.

Mixing philosophy and economic knowledge, Claude Gamel offers us the work of a lifetime. A powerful guide for new generations of intellectuals fighting for freedom.

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