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Fighting for freedom in the opinion battle.

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our goals

Gustave Flaubert described himself as an “enraged liberal.” This is what liberals should be: outraged by corporations that stifle entrepreneurs, angered by close-mindedness, against a state that spies on its own citizens, and rejecting the undermining of democratic debate by almighty executive power. The opinion battle is at the core of all political victories.

  • Live
    and let live.
  • An end
    to privilege.
  • Seize

Gustave Flaubert described himself as an “enraged liberal.” This is what liberals should be: outraged by corporations that stifle entrepreneurs, angered by close-mindedness, against a state that spies on its own citizens, and rejecting the undermining of democratic debate by almighty executive power. The opinion battle is at the core of all political victories.

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our approach


Ideas need to be found and brought to the spotlight. Our role is to identify them ahead of the public debate.



Identifying competent people, offering them an adequate working environment and allowing them access to the neccessary ressources. We are fully committed.



Once the idea is developed and formalised as a concrete public policy proposal, the think tank's work of influencing opinion begins.

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Grégoire LUCAS

Directeur des relations extérieures de Tikehau Capital, G. Lucas est diplômé de Sciences Po Paris et de l’ESCP. D'abord assistant parlementaire puis directeur de projet dans une agence de conseil en communication, il devient associé et membre du comité de direction d'Image Sept en 2004.

Grégoire Lucas

Grégoire LUCAS


A 34 ans, Céline avait déjà connu toutes les étapes de la vie d’une start-up, depuis la création de Leetchi, son rachat en 2015, jusqu’au lancement de Mangopay. Céline Lazorthes dirige aujourd’hui une équipe de plus de 80 personnes basées à Paris, Londres, Luxembourg, Cork et Berlin.

Céline Lazorthes



Director of Jin, a digital marketing agency, E. Fillias is a communication consultant and specialist in digital strategies. A graduate of Sciences Po Paris and HEC, he is the founder of the Liberté Chérie and Alternative Libérale movements.

Édouard Fillias



A graduate of HEC, Moïse Mitterrand is chairman of the management board of the real estate group Les Nouveaux Constructeurs (LNC). Before that, he worked at the Boston Consulting Group as a senior partner and at Cinven (Private Equity).

Moïse Mitterrand


Gaspard KOENIG

Gaspard is the president and founder of GenerationLibre. He studied at Columbia and the Ecole Normale Supérieure to become a philosopher. He worked in the staff of Christine Lagarde when she was French economy minister, and then moved to London when he was hired by the EBRD. He is the author of a dozen of books.

Gaspard Koenig

Gaspard KOENIG

Frédéric GUIMBAL

Mr. Guimbal has been working in the automobile & aerospace manufacturing industry since graduating from the Arts et Métiers engineering school. In 2007, he founded the Fregate group, merging several aeronautic subcontracting companies. Based in the Rhone valley, the group employs some 200 workers.

Frédéric Guimbal

Frédéric GUIMBAL


Laura-Maï is an international correspondent for both the French and Anglo-Saxon press. She studied political and analytical philosophy at the Sorbonne before working as a teacher in the French public education system, which she left to become an adventurer. Her first book, Sales Guerres, was published in 2018.

Laura-Maï Gaveriaux


Augustin LANDIER

Graduate of ENS, fellow in mathematics and PhD in economics, Augustin Landier teaches at the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). He is also a member of the Council of Economic Analysis and the author of many books, including “le Grand méchant marché [The Big Bad Market]”, with D. Thesmar (2007).

Augustin Landier

Augustin LANDIER


Urologist surgeon, professor at the Paris Descartes University and member of the National Academy of Medicine, G. Vallancien analyses the links between medicine and digital technology. He is the author of several books.

Guy Vallancien


Jean-Marc DANIEL

A Polytechnique and ENSAE graduate, Jean-Marc Daniel is an economist, professor at ESCP Europe and director of the Journal Sociétal. He is also the author of many famous economic books.

Jean-Marc Daniel

Jean-Marc DANIEL

Emmanuelle BARBARA

Managing partner of the law firm August Debouzy, Emmanuelle Barbara teaches at Sciences Po Law School and at the Sorbonne. Since 2014, she has been leading GenerationLibre’s reflections on the evolution of the French labour laws.

Emmanuelle Barbara

Emmanuelle BARBARA

François EWALD

Philosopher, former assistant of Michel Foucault at the Collège de France and honorary professor at the CNAM, F. Ewald has worked extensively on risk policy. He is the author of several distinguished books on this topic.

François Ewald

François EWALD

isabelle LANDREAU

Lawyer at the Paris Bar and doctor in law, I. Landreau practices in the law field of intellectual property and new technologies. She assists her clients in the protection and enhancement of their intangible creations and also practices as a lawyer-mediator in intellectual property.

Isabelle landreau

isabelle LANDREAU

Julien DAMON

Associate Professor at Sciences Po, Julien Damon founded and runs the consulting and research firm Éclairs. He is also the author of no less than twenty books on social and urban issues. His last book, The 100 Thinkers of Society was published by PUF in 2016.

Julien Damon

Julien DAMON


Lawyer at the Paris Bar and doctor in public law, Nicolas Gardères is specialized in environmental law and public liberty law. He is also a teacher at Sciences Po Paris and at the National School of Architecture Paris Val de Seine.

Nicolas Gardères


Christophe SELTZER

Christophe est le directeur de la communication et des relations publiques de GenerationLibre. Diplômé de l’ISMaPP en stratégie politique, il a effectué des immersions professionnelles en parti politique et en administration centrale. Il a dirigé le mouvement "Les Affranchis - Students for Liberty" en France.

Christophe Seltzer

Christophe SELTZER


Titulaire d’un master en communication politique de la European Communication School, Mathilde est la directrice du développement et de la stratégie de GenerationLibre. Avant de rejoindre le Think tank elle était collaboratrice parlementaire à l’Assemblée nationale.

Mathilde Courboillet



Maxime is the managing director of Generation Libre since 2018. After graduating with a Masters from ESCP Europe, City University and the Paris-Dauphine University, he worked nearly two years as an economist in the French bank Oddo BHF in Paris. En 2014, he became euro-area economist for Bloomberg in London.

Maxime Sbaihi



Vincent est le directeur des études du think tank. Diplômé de Sciences Po Paris ainsi que du Collège d’Europe, où il est assistant académique, il poursuit un doctorat en droit européen à l’Université Catholique de Louvain. Ses recherches se concentrent sur la régulation économique et la santé publique.

Vincent Delhomme



The authors and books
that we recommend!

livre de Alain Laurent, Vincent Valentin

This anthology of the main liberal thinkers explores more than hundred of texts, thus illustrating the different school of thoughts at the very heart of the liberal philosophy.

by Alain Laurent, Vincent Valentin

livre de Bernard Mandeville

In his famous « Fable of the Bees », the Dutch philosopher Bernard Mandeville takes an unique angle to analyse the role and potential benefits of corruption in a nation.

by Bernard Mandeville

livre de Milton Friedman

Capitalism and freedom is one of the most important books ever written in economics. Milton Friedman brillantly argues that economic freedom is a prerequisite for political freedom.

by Milton Friedman

livre de Michel Foucault

In his last masterclass at the Collège de France, Michel Foucault applies his analytical methods to dissect liberalism. This is one of the best piece of work on the history of liberalism.

by Michel Foucault

livre de Jaron Lanier

Nothing is free in the collaborative economy. This is what Jaron Lanier explains in this book which can be read as a form of criticism of the Valley and the free-of-charge myth.

by Jaron Lanier

livre de Gaspard Koenig

This essay from Gaspard Koenig looks at liberalism from three key angles of French history : the French Revolution, the Vichy years and the digital revolution.

by Gaspard Koenig

livre de Hernando de Soto

Hernando de Soto has walked through the slums of the world to understand how to convert ownership rights into capital, i.e. how to use property as a leverage for wealth. A masterpiece.

by Hernando de Soto

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