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Mapping of confined freedoms during the Covid-19 crisis

02 / 06 / 2020

Our mapping of confined freedoms provides a weekly updated overview of nearly 54 restrictions on fundamental rights and freedom adopted by the French state during the Covid-19 epidemy.


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Without questioning the very principle of restricting individual freedoms in certain circumstances, this tool is aimed at raising awareness on two issues.

The first one is that any restriction on rights and freedoms should be fully justified and, most importantly, proportionate. It is up to the government to explain why fighting the virus without these restrictive measures would be impossible or hardly doable.

With this mapping, we shall make sure that every suspended freedoms are indeed restored at one point.

The second one is that there is a tendency to strengthen the power of the state in the wake of any crisis and to turn temporary restrictive measures into lasting ones. Some measures taken in the context of the state of emergency following the 2015 terrorist attacks have been enshrined in law in 2017.

Our mapping focuses on measures implemented by the state at a national level with regard to four main areas: rule of law and democracy, civil liberties, economic freedoms and labour laws.

We assign to each measure a certain level of enforceability, falling into three categories: full effective, partly revoked, revoked.

The Mapping of confined freedoms is meant to be a civic and participative instrument. It aims to inform the general public and to help anyone who wishes to get a clearer picture of the current situation. It is open to any commentaries and suggestions.


To this day, GenerationLibre records 12 measures in effect, 3 (-2) measures partly revoked, 39 (+2) measures revoked.

Last update : 20/05/2022 at 14:40

Check out our tool (in French)


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