Social policies

Universal Basic Income : a realistic proposal

06 / 01 / 2017

Among all the existing UBI proposals, the one put forward by GenerationLibre is both modest, since it aims to cover only basic needs, and pragmatic, since it could be achieved without disrupting the French economy.

The publication of our report  “LIBER, an income of freedom for all” contributed to the launch of a nation-wide debate on basic income in France. As evidenced by the information report presented by the Senate on October 19, 2016, entitled “Basic income in France, from utopia to experimentation”, this debate has reached our public institutions.

Many questions continue to arise. To answer them, we have published here a follow-up of our work which explains the intellectual foundations of the UBI and outlines the technical details of this necessary reform.

According to our model, the introduction of this form of UBI does not modify the tax burden and replicates the current fiscal redistribution pattern.

We outline in this new report a path of reforms which could guide public decision-makers towards a progressive UBI implementation.

As more ideas, initiatives, and experiments multiply around the world, an in-depth discussion on the principles and practicalities of a UBI should eventually take place at the heart of the French political debate.


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