Social policies

Helping families differently

18 / 05 / 2014

Every year, the French government changes its policy towards families while avoiding a necessary debate on the principles underlying it.

The multiple state subsidies granted to families are questionable. It’s especially true for a special tax privilege called « household quotient » which benefits wealthy families at the expense of less well-off families.

Family allowances and birth rate.

Another oddity of our system is that subsidies go up for the third child, as if a parents’ choices for a third child would be made based purely on financial incentives.

Rather than constantly changing the family policy, it would be more useful to question its legitimacy.

The correlation between family allowances and birth rates have already been refuted by many researchers. The French system maintains very low levels of support for middle-class families with a single child, contrary to what most other countries do.

For a single allowance per child

We want to reverse the current logic of this system. Instead of financing the family with the aim of maintaining its pre-birth standard of living, the child should get financial help via its parents to guarantee for him a minimum level of education.

We suggest to introduce a single allowance per child, defined according to the needs of the child rather than the standard of living of the family.


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