Digital revolution

Schumpeter and robots : the French case

01 / 11 / 2017

Economic research has proven on many occasions that the French economy is trapped in mid-range manufacturing production with particularly high labour costs.

While robotisation is essential to ensure an upmarket move for companies, France continues to lag behind its European peers and international competition in that field.

The fearful warnings about the negative effect of robots on employment prevents France from taking the path of modernisation towards an ambitious and decisive robotisation policy.

Faithful to the Schumpeterian tradition of “creative destruction”, GenerationLibre has studied the impact of robotisation on employment and long-term growth.

There is no significant correlation between robotisation and unemployment. Highlighting the consequences of robotisation on the structure of employment, Patrick Artus concludes that a Schumpeterian dynamics is needed to help the economy move up a gear in global competition.

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