Digital revolution

My data is mine.


Nowadays, who does not accept dozens of terms and conditions daily by clicking passively on “ok”? Who still manages to escape the innumerable cookies that scan our computers?

We became the first accomplices to the dispossession of our personal data. However, we do not withdraw any direct remuneration from this raw material that we supply. And for good reason, the monetization of our data is the main source of compensation for platforms like GAFA. The apparent free nature of the services they offer us is in reality at the cost of our “privacy”.

A property right on our data

To put an end to this looting of our data by the companies of the Net, GenerationLibre defends the introduction of a property right on personal data.

If the industrial revolution necessitated the introduction of an intellectual property right; the digital revolution today more than ever makes necessary the introduction of a property right over personal data.

Inspired by the reasoning of the American researcher Jaron Lanier, the goal is to make the individual the legal owner of his/her personal data. Each could sell his/her data to the platforms, or otherwise pay for the service rendered and keep his/her private data.

A world premiere

This legal innovation is such that it does not yet exist in any country in the world. But this property right is a logical continuation of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, which came into force on May 25, 2018. The opportunity for Europe to innovate and spread its model is to be seized.