Nos partenaires

molinariL’Institut économique Molinari (IEM) est un organisme de recherche et d’éducation. Il vise à entreprendre et à stimuler l’approche économique dans l’analyse des politiques publiques.

CPSThe Centre for Policy Studies believes in freedom and responsibility. One of Britain’s best known and most respected think tanks, the Centre develops and promotes policies to limit the role of the state, to encourage enterprise and to enable the institutions of society – such as families and voluntary organizations - to flourish.

UniruleThe Unirule Institute of Economics (Unirule) is an independent, nonprofit, non governmental (NGO) think tank, which was jointly initiated in July of 1993 by five prominent economists, Prof. Mao Yushi, Prof. Zhang Shuguang, Prof. Sheng Hong, Prof. Fan Gang, and Prof. Tang Shouning. Unirule is dedicated to the open exchange of ideas in economics in general, with a particular focus on institutional economics, and maintains a highly prestigious status within academic circles.

ContraditórioContraditório defends each person’s right to liberty and property. Contraditório agrees with the ideas of rule of law, representative government and limits on power, private property and the free market, and tolerance. Contraditório advocates that individuals should have the freedom to live their life in any peaceful chosen way and to realize their full potential, considering the prohibition to use force against others except in defence and honoring and respecting the peaceful choices and the equal rights of others.
Contraditório defends that all human relationships should be voluntary. The scope of government must be then limited, as the power to do good is also the power to do harm. Its major function must be to protect our freedom: to preserve law and order, to enforce private contracts and to foster competitive markets.

atlasThe Atlas Economic Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization connecting a global network of more than 400 free-market organizations in over 80 countries to the ideas and resources needed to advance the cause of liberty.

SolibLe think-tank Solib qui existe depuis trois ans, promeut la pensée libertarienne en Roumanie. Il travaille en particulier sur la transparence budgétaire et l’éducation (programme “Economy Works”), et entreprend des actions telles que la distribution de faux billets à l’occasion du Tax Freedom Day.

logo_ideaThe Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) is an independent think tank in South-East Asia. They promote libertarian and liberal ideals especially in Malaysia through the defense of four main axes: Rule of Law, limited government, free market and individual liberty and responsibility.